ThingTone Software Releases ToneTap

Rancho Cordova, CA -- April 30, 2012 -- ThingTone Software has consolidated its former Thing-1 brand of products under the new ToneTap product name, offering an improved edition of its industry leading, software-based MIDI controller for woodwind players.

Features of this release include:
--Cleaner interface, with improved layout, visibility, controls
--Ability to tune up for ensemble playing
--Upgraded audio library for greater device compatibility

ToneTap is available for purchase through the ThingTone Software website and to dealers and distributors by contacting ThingTone Software directly.

ToneTap uses software to interpret the musical sound of woodwind instruments in real time. ToneTap can instantly translate articulation, pitch, and expression into MIDI information to control a synthesizer, turning the sound of a woodwind instrument into virtually any sampled or synthesized sound imaginable.

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