ToneTapTM : MIDI for Woodwind Players

ToneTap is a software MIDI wind controller for woodwind players offering a new range of musical expression to anyone who can play the saxophone, flute, clarinet, or recorder.

So tune up, set your mic level, pick a great synthesizer, turn up the volume and get ready to play!


Creative Advances in ToneTap

- Play flute, saxophone, clarinet, or recorder.
- Voice a chord, then trigger it from any note, to any channel.
- Hold a note, interval, or chord and play over it on another channel.
- Assign your own bank/program settings by channel.
- Get clean, accurate tracking and articulation control.
- Stretch out over an 8 octave range.
- Play parallel harmonies in a second voice.
- Double your live playing to a second MIDI channel.
- Play walking harmonies as you improvise.
- Make creative use of MIDI sustain / release.
- Send program changes as you perform.
- Dynamically set synthesis knobs with MIDI Control Change.
- Tune up with an ensemble to ensure in-tune playing.

ToneTap (formerly known as Thing-1) runs on Mac OS X 10.5 and later. With an inexpensive add-on you can have right-thumb wireless control over most of these features through the buttons you see above.

Check out the demo...