ToneTap Demo
Below is a selection of recordings made using ToneTap.

Photo 4
ToneTap instantly converts the playing of any supported woodwind (sax, clarinet, flute, recorder) into expressive MIDI messages that can be routed to control any MIDI synthesizer.

Here's What It Can Do
Click a track below to hear some results recorded by an amateur player using ToneTap Professional Edition and its built-in MIDI effects.

Recording Details
Photo 5_2
These solo recordings were made by playing into an entry-level Audio-Technica ATR20 cardioid microphone plugged in (via a pre-amp) to a MacBook. The dry audio was translated into MIDI in real time by the ToneTap software. Both the dry audio and generated MIDI were recorded into separate tracks in one take.

The audio and MIDI tracks were recorded using GarageBand (shown below). The MIDI instruments you hear are all Audio Unit plug-ins, including Alpha, Crystal, Kore, SoundFont, and Zebra. The result was then exported into the MP3 recordings you have here.


In some tracks the raw woodwind audio and MIDI were mixed for balance and panning to provide some stereo separation. Otherwise, no post-processing to the audio, MIDI, pitch, or tempo was done.