ThingTone Software Upgrades GrabBack

Rancho Cordova, CA -- December 18, 2006 -- ThingTone Software today announced the release of version 1.3 of its popular GrabBack software for Mac OS X. Made especially for use on portable USB key drives, GrabBack enables users to quickly back up their most recent work with a single click.

GrabBack was introduced earlier this year as the first backup program for Mac OS X designed especially for portable use. GrabBack fits easily on any USB thumb drive leaving plenty of extra room for backup data. Optimized to make backups on removable media fast and reliable, GrabBack can often back up a day's work in seconds. ThingTone Software embeds its SureCopy technology in GrabBack to deliver industrial-strength Unix archiving through a simple and intuitive user experience.

This upgrade is recommended for all existing GrabBack users since it supports the correct handling of folder names containing punctuation, and the ability to easily review and restore the contents of any existing GrabBack backup archive, including certain archives made with a different backup program.

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