ThingTone Software Releases Thing-1 2.0

Rancho Cordova, CA -- November 1, 2010 -- ThingTone Software today announced the immediate availability of version 2.0 of its Thing-1 MIDI Music Performance System with many new features included.

Thing-1 Professional Edition 2.0 offers these improvements over version 1.7:

--New Look and Feel - improved layout and low-light visibility
--Better Conversion - improved articulation control for flutes and saxophones
--Setup Improvements - woodwind selection, MIDI hardware support
--Performance Features - chord/harmony playover, pitch bend, channel control

Thing-1 Professional Edition software is available for purchase through the ThingTone Software website and to dealers and distributors by contacting ThingTone Software directly.

Thing-1 uses software to interpret the musical sound of woodwind instruments in real time. Thing-1 can instantly translate articulation, pitch, and expression into MIDI information to control a synthesizer, turning the sound of a woodwind instrument into virtually any sampled or synthesized sound imaginable.

More information about ThingTone Software and its products can be found at

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