Release Notes for GrabBack

GrabBack 1.4.2 Free Release: 4/30/2012

Full version released for free download at no charge. Updated for OS X Lion.

GrabBack 1.4.1 Free Release: 8/31/2011

Full version released for free download at no charge.

GrabBack 1.4.1 Public Release: 11/03/2009

Version 1.4.1 changes:

Eliminated a restriction on single backup set size.
Made backup speed improvements for large backup sets.
Fixed errors caused by files with unprintable escape codes in the filename.

GrabBack 1.4.0 Public Release: 05/28/2009

Version 1.4.0 changes:

Made numerous user interface improvements.
Fixed a reported problem with defaulting an empty list as a backup set.

GrabBack 1.3.2 Public Release: 02/05/2008

Version 1.3.2 changes:

Universal Binary to support PPC/Intel Macs running Leopard.

GrabBack 1.3.1 Public Release: 01/09/2007

Version 1.3.1 changes:

Minor compatibility fixes for running under Tiger.

GrabBack 1.3 Public Release: 12/03/2006

Version 1.3 changes:

Fixed problems with compatibility on some Macs.
Corrected a defect preventing some valid licenses from taking effect.
Fixed a problem viewing archive contents making it appear to be empty.

GrabBack 1.2 Public Release: 11/13/2006

Version 1.2 changes:

Corrected improper handling of folder names containing punctuation.
Repaired accidental shortening of file names causing files to be left out.

GrabBack 1.1 Public Release: 10/05/2006

This first public release of GrabBack introduced the concept of making frequent, fast, take-along backups of current projects and work a simple experience for Mac users.

GrabBack 1.0 Internal Release Only

The initial release of GrabBack was not made public. This release was used internally for a period of weeks before we decided to hold it back, make improvements, and fix defects.