Release Notes for ToneTap

ToneTap 2.1 Public Release: 4/30/2012

Version 2.1 changes:

New product name: ToneTap (formerly Thing-1)
Cleaner interface, with improved layout, visibility, controls
Tuning feature replaces the experimental pitch bend control

Upgraded audio library for greater device compatibility
Application restructured around ThingTone libraries

Thing-1 2.0.1 Public Release: 11/4/2010

Version 2.0.1 changes:

Fix for a reported problem using an Edirol FA-101 audio interface.

Thing-1 2.0 Public Release: 11/1/2010

Version 2.0 changes:

New Look and Feel

--New user interface
--Better space-saver window
--Improved layout and low-light visibility

Better MIDI Conversion

--Cleaner note transcription when recording chords
--Improved articulation control for flutes and saxophones

Setup Improvements

--Woodwind selection through “Woodwind Input” menu in settings
--Direct support for hardware MIDI interfaces with “MIDI Destination” menu
--MIDI CC number can be user-defined for sending real-time dynamics
--Toggle to allow remote control support to be turned on/off

Performance Features

--Chord and harmony “Playover” hold feature added
--Pitch bend up / down feature added
--Chords can route to separate MIDI channel (as with doubling)
--MIDI channel selection available with main controls
--Bank and program settings added and linked to active MIDI channel

Thing-1 1.7 Public Release: 03/26/2010

Version 1.7 changes:

New Instruments Supported

--Saxophone - Alto
--Saxophone - Soprano
--Flute - Concert
--Clarinet - Bb
--Recorder - Alto
--Recorder - Soprano
--All are supported with an included preset file

Improved User Interface

--New look
--Compatibility check
--Space saver view (Command-A, Remote Button "Menu")
--MIDI diagnostics button
--Audio input level indicator
--Name of loaded preset displayed

Improvements to Apple Remote Support

--Built-in support (no more need for add-on software)
--Faster remote control response
--Preprogrammed functions for all buttons
--Control over Thing-1 even when in background

Better Dynamics Control

--Expanded dynamic range response
--Dynamics are consistent across instrument range
--Improved real-time aftertouch and continuous controller messages

Better Attack/Release Tracking

--Fewer unwanted notes on attack and release
--Cleaner articulation and slurred note transitions
--Transcription quality MIDI on/off data (with included preset)

Better Pitch Detection

--Faster and more accurate note identification
--Improved chord recording (unintended notes problem fixed)
--New presets to support specific applications and instruments
----Specific Instruments (see above)
--Better tracking of imperfectly tuned instruments

Preset Files from version 1.0 are not compatibile with this version.

--Do not use old presets saved under version 1.0.

Thing-1 1.0.1 Public Release: 01/19/2010

Version 1.0.1 changes:

Minor compatibility and bug fixes.

Thing-1 1.0 Public Release: 05/08/2009

Initial trial offer to the public featuring the ability for a woodwind player to:

--Get clean, accurate tracking and articulation control.
--Stretch out over an 8 octave range.
--Play parallel harmonies in a second voice.
--Double your live playing to a second MIDI channel.
--Silently voice a chord, then trigger it from any note.
--Play walking harmonies as you improvise.
--Make creative use of MIDI sustain / release.
--Send program changes as you perform.
--Dynamically set synthesis knobs with MIDI Control Change.